Fire Risk Assessment


An inspection of the premises will take place based on the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and a comprehensive report provided for the ‘Responsible Person’ with an action plan to address any shortfalls.

The Fire Risk Assessment will focus upon:

  • Identification of hazards

  • Identifying people at risk

  • Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk

  • Records, plans, fire information, instruction and training


Our fire risk assessment methodology is an approach to fire risk assessment which has been developed, reviewed and adapted over a number of years. The process is based on the PAS 79 methodology which has recently been subject to a full review.

Our assessors have undergone extensive training on how to complete the FRA through The Fire Protection Association Fire Risk Assessment course. This ensures a consistent approach to the recording of the significant findings and risk analysis.

The FRA will assist the Responsible Person by identifying significant findings that are clear breaches of the Fire Safety Order, accompanied by a detailed Action Plan with priority, risk and time scales recorded to remedy the findings. Our process will also identify fire risks that may be outside the scope of the Fire Safety Order but could present a property or business continuity risk

Fire Risk Management Audit


Audit of a fire risk assessment and a review of the action plan provided based on The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

This will involve the following:

  • Review of the Fire Risk Assessment

  • Audit the premises and produce a report with recommendations

  • Audit of training records

  • Audit of test records

  • Audit of commissioning certificates

  • Audit of fire extinguisher test records