Health & Safety Management Audit


Health and Safety Management Audits

The aim of the audit is to examine the existing structures and culture of Health & Safety.  The audit will assess how the company is performing with Health & Safety, whether managers are meeting standards set and whether the company are meeting Health & Safety Laws.  The audit will include but is not limited to the examination of:

  • Policy Statement

  • Health & Safety policies and procedures

  • Health & Safety method statements

  • Health & Safety risk assessments

  • Health & Safety training plan

  • Health & Safety training records

  • Accident/Near Miss recording

  • Accident Investigations

The Health & Safety Management Audit examines and determines whether or not a company's daily activities and processes conform to their planned health and safety arrangements as well as government laws. An audit further identifies whether or not the planned arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the organisation's or company’s Health & Safety policy objectives.  A report will be provided with an associated action plan.

Audit of Health & Safety Plan

Audit of a Health & Safety Plan is the review of the action plan provided from the Health & Safety Management Audit.

The Audit forms two parts:

  • Part 1 provides a simple overview of progress against the action plan

  • Part 2 expands on the information provided in the first part by giving reasons as to why any missed deadlines were not met, detailing any benefits gained by the activities undertaken in the time period covered by the plan, and including any other relevant information that will assist in drawing up the plan for the next 12 months